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WizBang Onetap

Remember that you need to exit and reopen onetap POS (or onetap Waiter) for any item program changes to take effect. If you have more than one POS terminal, you need to restart onetap on all of them, just as with any other menu change.

If you do not use the Super Item Group for reporting, the below video doesn’t apply to you.

If you do not already have a Super Item Group for 13.5% VAT and want to know how to create one, look no further than this:

ICR Touch / TouchPoint / Boxes32

Note: If you are using TouchOffice Web or TouchOffice Standard you need to collect the program from the tills. If you are unsure how to do that, please contact our support via email or phone (details at the top of this page).

Also note that because ICR Touch is often highly customized and has changed over the years, the look of your screen might differ from the crrent standard look of the system seen in the video. The functionality is exactly the same, though and all versions of ICR Touch is setup exactly the same when it comes to VAT rate programming.


Note that if you do not have immediate access to the master iPad on the site you can publish the changes from the Articles page in Master Data.

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