Control and Visibility – Anytime, anywhere

Manage, control and customize your operation to your liking by web-browser from any PC, Mac or tablet with your personal Restaurant Manager.

  • Dashboard: Real-time overview over all your relevant KPIs
  • Data-maintenance: Create and modify your operation according to your wishes
  • Reporting: Over 60 descriptive reports with powerful filters make fraught impossible
  • Back-up: All data are saved automatically every minute

Data-Analysis and Reports: Black-and-White

Your customisable data-analysis tools will allow you to not only produce some colorful reports, but assist management in identifying black-and-white objective performance strengths and weaknesses. Check out some of the below sample reports to get a good idea.

best selling products

Best-selling articles

product group analysis

Product-group analysis

settled tables

Settled tables

sold articles sorted by group

Sold articles sorted by group and item

These and well over 60 additional reports include:

  • Daily Financials (X-Report, Z-Report)
  • Waiter-Reports
  • Financial-Reports
  • Revenues based on time-period

View of the most important features of the Back-Office


  • Hierarchial set roles and user-settings for all managerial and line staff including item-updates, restaurant-setup, statistics, reports and waiter-setup


  • The Backoffice Cloud is compatible with all PC’s, Macs and tablet devices as well as all well-known browsers (we recommend Firefox)


  • Up to 1 million items, family groups or buttons
  • Flexible structure towards family group creation resulting in an unlimited depth of sub and micro-categories
  • Up to 32,000 graphical and scale-able items such as floor plans, table layouts, waiters, printers etc.
  • Unlimited billing methods and taxation rates
  • Input capabilities for quick check-out mode items
  • Different settings for regular table operations and check-out mode for the iPod and iPad


  • All vital statistics can be found in one central area; revenues, open tables, item popularity, star & dog reports etc – instantaneously updated


  • Impactful data analysis, statistics and reports (orders, PLU, family groups, revenues, servers, journal, X-Reports and Z-Reports) for individual business units or for entire corporate chains or multi-unit operations
  • Output on screen, printer or via data export (PDF, XLS or CVS)
  • Up to 32,000 graphical and scale-able items such as floor plans, table layouts, waiters, printers etc.
  • Powerful drill-down reports with multiple variables (tables, families, PLUs, transactions, types, day of week, costs, taxation etc.)


  • Instantaneous monitoring of all orders and finances in the operation in real-time and viewable from anywhere. Automatically generated email warnings for open tables, voids, imbalanced shift totals etc.


  • Full electronic protocol of any and all system adjustments including status updates, transactions and errors all in one centralized journal.
  • Electronic oversight of all connected printers (paper low, printer lid open, no paper, disconnected from network etc.)