Our powerful interfaces make the checkout even more variable. Due to the different modules available, it is suitable for use in the following sectors: large gastronomy, hotel, ERP and accounting industries. The following interfaces are currently available:

  • Accounting: DATEV
  • ERP: necta
  • Dispensing-Systems: Schankomat, WMF, Addimat, Drinkotec
  • PMS (Property Management System): protel, Ibelsa
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The most important interfaces at a glance


  • Supports the cloud-based ERP from necta.
  • Easy connection of your iPad POS-system to the comprehensive ERP-system necta.
  • Automatic transfer of item-BOM at the end day checkout of your POS.


  • Supports the hotel-software from Ibelsa.
  • Invoice Transfer to the room account of the guest in PMS.
  • Accounting of a restaurant bill to the hotel room of each guest.
  • Request of the POS if a room is occupied and display of all checked-in people.
  • All payments from the checkout are transferred online to the Ibelsa PMS-system.
  • Separate tracking is therefore not necessary.