Radley Systems are an Irish owned company trading for over 40 years. We are the distributors for Radleys Gastrofix in Ireland. We specialise in supplying, installing and supporting EPoS systems throughout the country.

RADLEYS GASTROFIX has been developed over the past number of years specifically for Apple IOS devices. The development team have been developing POS systems for 20 years and is composed of a unique combination of software programmers, POS experts, hospitality executives and experts that provide web-based hospitality solutions.

In terms of POS functionality: none! RADLEYS GASTROFIX is an all-encompassing, professional POS system containing all features that you would find in a conventional system: ordering, charging, payment, cancellation, voiding, table splitting, bills, running end-of-day etc. In addition, the system is not a bulky, dust-gathering tangle of cables and hardware, it can be used in a mobile/wireless fashion which will improve your operation’s efficiency.

In terms of price and elegance: Huge! RADLEYS GASTROFIX is cheaper, simpler and easier to use than traditional systems. Both hardware and software components rely on the intuitive and easy to use Apple iOS platform.

In terms of data management, analysis, reporting and controlling, RADLEYS GASTROFIX is sure to outperform competitors with its powerful web-based Back-Office Cloud.


Our emergency support services are available 24 hours a day for you to assist you in dealing with any technical or operational questions you may have. During business hours, we guarantee a response time of 30 minutes. In cases of emergencies outside regular business hours, we will contact you within 60 minutes.

We can offer additional training via phone or in person on site for an additional cost, please contact us for detailed pricing.

RADLEYS GASTROFIX can be easily downloaded straight from the Apple Store. However, please contact us and we can arrange for a demo version to be setup that you can download and test at your leisure.

Software: The RADLEYS GASTROFIX POS App is a ‘native app’ which functions without connecting to the internet. All data is stored on each device within your network as well as in the cloud when an internet connection exists. Data cannot be lost!

Hardware: You have two options when dealing with defective hardware. Either purchase new hardware from your closest Apple dealer or if you rented equipment from us, we will get a replacement device to you within 24 hours.

RADLEYS GASTROFIX runs on all Apple iOS mobile devices: iPad, iPod and iPhone. We recommend you buy your iPads, iPods and iPhones from your local Apple Dealer. This ensures that you have quick local access to replacement hardware if needed. You can buy all your other business hardware requirements, eg printers, drawers and routers from Radleys.

You will require one or more wireless routers (depending on the size of your business) in order to connect all your devices securely as well as wireless remote printers for bar or galley areas. You can buy them in our online store – see link. Feel free to ring us to discuss your needs. We will recommend what routers and printers you will need for your site.

All components are available from Radleys at competitive pricing in a plug & play format, which ultimately means that all devices have been pre-configured, customized, tested and are ready to go as soon as you receive them. All plug & play devices will be sent to you via courier. Alternatively, you can contact us for guidance on what hardware you require should you wish to purchase this yourself.

The basic solution is available at a competitive monthly rate which includes the back office reporting in the cloud as well as all future updates. Rather than buying expensive PC-based POS software and hardware components, you can rent your basic POS-solution at a low monthly rate – and the contract can be cancelled with ease.

Please call us on 021-4966740 to discuss your specific requirements and we can provide you with detailed pricing.

As soon as you have placed your order, we will send you a spreadsheet into which you enter your food and beverage menus. You email this back to us with a sketch of your floor-layout and table-plan. We will then design all rooms, PLUs and family groups as well as set pricing and designate the Quick Order buttons as stipulated by you. We will setup a product file of up to 200 products for free. If your product file is bigger than that please contact us and we can provide more detailed pricing.

You receive a pre-configured, ready-to-use POS system. You simply download the app, simply plug in the hardware we send, turn it on and get going.

Should you wish, you can manually enter all the relevant data for your business yourself, via your web-based cloud. You would be responsible for the setup of your software and should any challenges or issues present themselves, our support team can help you out for a fee. Please contact us for more details

No! RADLEYS GASTROFIX runs for days and weeks on end without an internet connection. All important functions as well as X-Reports and Z-Reports are also available offline. Only if you require a convenient access to the master data in the cloud, do you require an internet connection.

Once one is connected via the internet, RADLEYS GASTROFIX is automatically synchronized with the cloud.

No problem. On the local network all of your devices are communicating and synchronizing with each other constantly. All transactional data, tables, orders are shared across the units in order to maintain an oversight.

Even in the unfortunate event that you lose your iPod or iPad, your sales-data are secure. These are stored encrypted and can only be accessed with your log-in. Furthermore, we can immediately target and disable individual devices.

Utilizing the RADLEYS GASTROFIX Backoffice Cloud from any computer, you have a reliable and secure access to all your devices, data, transactions, employees, pricing, promotions and other related items. You can manage single or multi-unit operations as well as large chain-based enterprises from this one central platform. This can be accessed at anytime and from anywhere with almost any web browser.

Should your internet connection fail, you are still able to perform all the essential functions including X-Reports and Z-Reports and the POS can run for days or weeks in this mode.

Any changes in the cloud are synced between all stations and remote devices within seconds.

Your data is backed up multiple times: All devices on the local network synchronize with each other within seconds. Should you have two stationary iPad stations and three hand-held iPods in operation, within seconds there will be a five-fold redundancy of data as all information is shared and stored between all devices.

In addition, your data (if you choose so) synchronizes with our cloud servers on the internet. We have two geographically separated servers in Germany that synchronize with one another and each of these has two separate hard-drives to further eliminate hardware failure probabilities. The cloud servers meet the strict German privacy guidelines, so that no unauthorized person can gain access to your data.

You can export your transactional data as a CSV or Excel spreadsheet at any time via a few simple clicks of the mouse. You can additionally store this data at home.

Your data belongs to you – you can retrieve it at any time you require.

An increasing number of competitors now utilize the stylish and sleek Apple hardware and the ingenious app-concept as a basis for their POS-systems. However, it is about at this juncture that the similarities are exhausted.

RADLEYS GASTROFIX is currently the only fully-fledged POS system whose basic software composition is capable of matching the full range of functionality and power that modern proprietary PC-based POS systems transcend. Competitors are unable to match the simplicity and speed of operation, the graphical floor layout and ability of the system to handle large volumes of mobile devices and wireless remote printers.

The truly unique web-based Backoffice Cloud (data management, analysis, data backup) which updates in real-time due to the fact that RADLEYS GASTROFIX is not just an app, but a cloud-based POS app with exceptional security.

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